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Pink sunset session by Bubblerock

Friday, October 14, 2016
Last August I had the chance to meet two amazing people from New Zealand. Steph and Robin are a beautiful couple of photographers and the proud owners of Bubblerock. Couple in business, couple in life!

I have been lucky enough to spend the whole day with them here in South-West of France. They really are wonderful people and I'm so happy I got to know them! We did two amazing photoshootings together, one during the day with my lovely Filippa Edghill and one during the evening with my beautiful friend Sirikit Harivongs. But I'll show you the pics later on another post ;)

At sunset the light became so magical and we decided to snap a few surf shots. The pink atmosphere all around us created such a soft vibe inside and outside the water. My words can't describe it better than the photos will do.
Sunset is my very favorite moment of the day and that day was definitely one of the best sunset sessions so far.

Enjoy the pictures of the talented Steph and Robin from Bubblerock.

Sardinia photo diary // Part 2

Thursday, October 6, 2016
With the beginning of October, I'm feeling quite nostalgic already. This summer has been super busy and a lot of fun and I miss the thrill of those bright days under the sun and the endless nights...

A few weeks ago I shared the first part of my travel to Sardinia. As much as I love France and the ocean, the Mediterranean sea with its Italian food, stunning landscapes, rich culture and warm people will always take a huge place in my heart and are with me everyday.
That's why I like to share this part of my life with you whenever I can!

Today I'll show you the second (and last) part of my latest Italian trip. We dove into beautiful crystal-clear water, ate tons of Sardinian pastries, watched the football game in the village main square's bar and even sailed at sunset having Pecorino cheese and wine... Such amazing memories!

I really hope to make you feel the same vibe I've been telling you so many times about :)

September swell

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Here we are, September, again. Summer flew by and the tourists crowds have finally (partially) left the beaches to the lucky ones who can enjoy them in the off-season.

With the fall breeze smell coming, more consistent swells start hitting the Basque coasts. The first one this past weekend.
I'm not a huge fan of big waves, I prefer the smooth smaller glides on my log. But still I love watching those beautiful water avalanches breaking in front of my home on the first day of a bigger swell.

As usual I couldn't help but capture those moments in my own way.

Sardinia photo diary // Part 1

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

If you follow Surfragette on Instagram, you may already know that in June Andrea and I took on a Mediterranean trip to Sardinia! It was not supposed to be a surf trip, but a relaxing Italian holiday, meant to enjoy the sea and spend some time with Andrea's family.

It was my first time on the island and I loved it!!! We stayed one week at Villasimius, in the South coast of Sardinia and its dreamy landscapes, crystal-clear water, delicious food and warm people made us think of a possible coming back to Italy!
We missed the ocean too much though, so we were happy to be back in France.

We cherish wonderful memories of this Mediterranean holiday. One week flew by, but hopefully we will be back soon in the future.
I hope you will love this first part of my Sardinia photo diary. And please, don't hesitate to write me to learn more about this stunning place and if you need tips for your next holiday!

Ps: for the ones who don't know that, you can surf in Sardinia too! Waves hit the coast almost all year round ;)