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Wheels & Waves 2018 - Log competition

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Pictures from the past Indian Summer

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Summer is a distant memory already... But here in Southern France autumn means what we call "Indian Summer", a sort of late heat wave that carries us gently to the colder season.

The best moment of the year - When you thought summer was over and fall just around the corner, you realize you can still enjoy the perfect weather and the best waves without the crowds of summer tourists...

These moments are pure joy. The locals pour out of their offices on to the beach for a more intimate late summer sunbath.

In the last couple of months I had the chance to be one of these locals.
Today I want to share with you the captures I took from one of these Indian Summer days. I love these kind of spontaneous shots. I hadn't previewed them at all, but the moment was too beautiful not to be captured and shared. I hope you enjoy the images and the lights as much as I do.

Things I wish I’d known before travelling solo for surf as a woman

Friday, September 22, 2017

Hi there! Finally back after a very busy summer, made of (little) surf, (lots of) work, surprises, sun and joys :) I admit I missed writing here, but this summer I decided it was time to spend the spare time left just enjoying the season. I hope you're not mad at me!

To start this new season, I would like to introduce you to Amy from Unleash, a remote working experience for surfers with wanderlust.
Today she will share a few tips for female solo travelers I'm sure you'll find useful :) Trust her, she speaks from experience !