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Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Hi there! Today I'm really proud to introduce to you a friend of mine from Rome. His name is Matteo Piccoli and Surfragette has the pleasure to be the lucky FIRST to interview him about his brand new "DELATO boardshorts". As every Italian could understand, the name of this new brand refers to the expression "by [my] side". That's because these boardshorts are the brainchild of the need of being comfortable with style, while surfing.

Made for surfers by surfers.

Surfragette: Hi Matteo, please explain us the origins of your idea!
Matteo: I was in San Vincent two years ago, waiting to embark two days later to transfer a sailboat from there to Cartaghena. Seen a good swell coming from North, I decide to take a flight in the morning to go and catch some waves in the close Barbados, together with some friends who live there.
7am and I’m at the airport. Overbooked. I’ll wait for the evening flight.
Meanwhile I find myself along the street with my boards and bagage.
Get a cab and after 10 metres, the 60 year-old colored friend named “Bum Bum” asks me if I smoke.I say “Why not?” and in 8 clear seconds he rolls a joint of pure local ganja…“Nice…” I say… “Do you know any spot at North/West where you can do the sport of surfing? (The one without sail, to specify)”So, knacked, we leave through South in search of waves.Briefely, at a certain moment we find ourselves in a bay with an infinite right point called “Bia Bou Bay”.
Alone. In the water.
It was January the 9th of 2001.

S:   What is the concept behind “DeLato”? And who is it to?
M: What I said before is strictly linked to this question. I went in the water with a new board, a never used one, made by myself at the Virgin Islands for my ex girlfriend Flavia (so, it was already a special day).My joy, the super-sensibility of the day and, probably, my stonedness… and at a certain moment, when I was in the water, I started struggling irritated with my boardshort knot in the front, while paddling or sitting on my board. So, here DELATO has been born! I thought “I can make one by myself! So, I don’t have to get crazy to buy a simple and comfy boardshort, without all those huge and exaggerate written!!!”So, the boardshort is for all of the few (but I hope many) left who share my point of view: a simple product, without absurd pretensions, but with a comfort for all of whom love spending their days paddling (maybe also upstream), to catch another unique and unforgettable wave…
Clean, glassy and without hitches

S:   Please explain us your passion for surfing. What does it represent to you?
M: I think it’s impossible to explain in words the sensation you feel from the very first moment you stand up on a board. Maybe just your sparkling eyes can tell that moment, that later on you go looking for and developing during the next days that the sea gives us as a present.I better stop here, otherwise I could get you bored with all my philosophical bullshits, the ones we are used to listen from our surf colleagues.Surf is simple:it’s health,it’s nature,it’s amazing when you’re alone or when you share it with your friends.

S:   Are there any surprises coming out? Can you reveal something?
M: You asking me if there’re any surprises?Clearly DELATO was born just recently and I hope that a lot of surprises are ready to take off… I’m not hurrying and I’ve always believed that a good idea, handled with passion, sooner or later can make it’s way.

Thank you so much Matteo to get us to know you and DELATO a little more. Best wishes for your future!

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