Surfing in Tasmania

Sunday, January 5, 2014
Today Surfragette is introducing to you Emma-Jane from Tasmania, who's here to share her story with all of us.

"Situated at the bottom end of your world map snuggled underneath Australia you will find a little island in the shape of a heart... That island is Tasmania, and it is my home.

The water here is cold, there are more cloudy days than there are sunny and in winter - and sometimes in summer too - the mountains are sprinkled with snow. There is an incredible uniqueness about the untamed wilderness that spans Tasmania, and our oceans and beaches here are no exception to that.

I started surfing in Tasmania 5 years ago. I enjoy the freedom of jumping in my car and heading in a direction with just me, my boards and a tent to somewhere I know where the swell and wind directions will be just perfect for me and turning up to a deserted car park and just jumping in, knowing that it's just me and the elements at work. 

You really feel alive as you take off on a wave in freezing cold water as the rain pelts down on the ocean and clouds swirl overhead in the impending wind making little ripples all around you. You are truly humbled by the beauty of nature that surrounds you and you completely surrender yourself to the elements, trusting in yourself and your surroundings entirely.

Surfing in cold water and cold climates makes you appreciate the little things, like nature, solitude and freedom, and when you take off on that last wave and jump out of the water and look up to the sky to see the sun peeking from behind a grey cloud, you realize just how truly blessed you are to be a surfer."

Thank you so much Emma-Jane for your sharing your story.

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