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Sunday, January 19, 2014
Today we're welcoming our Californian friend Blair. You already know her for the awesomeness of her contributions to this blog. You can see more about Blair here, here and here.

Since Surfragette is more than just surf, we're dedicating this post to creativity with a fun and customizable diy project.
Try this!

Collages are a fun art form of self-expression and creativity. Marta sent me a French VICE magazine recently, and it inspired me to create something with it. For those of you that aren’t familiar with VICE, it is a unique publication that covers politics, extreme sports, world events, farce, irony, style/fashion, etc. Therefore, it was easy to have fun with it, and it served as a perfect form of inspiration. Here I’m going to discuss the methods and materials that I used in the making of these two collages, but I encourage you to expand beyond what I have done to find what sparks your creativity.

1. Use a wide variety of sources for materials. I used magazines (surfing mags, horticulture magazines, VICE, and lifestyle mags), pictures, stickers, the fortunes from fortune cookies, Christmas cards, and parts of calendars. You could also use colored or origami paper, doilies, newsprint, sheet music, playing cards, drawings/sketches, or personal items that you have saved. The more diversity in the media you use, the more enriched the final product will become!

2. After you have cut out things that inspire you, start laying them out on the paper you are going to affix them to. This is a sort of puzzle: keep changing the order, arrangement, and layering until you find a final layout that is pleasing to your eye. You want to create depth within the piece, so try to have some of the layers overlap. You can leave blank spaces if you want, I just chose to cover the whole page with my pieces this time. Be sure to take your time with this step, it’s going to determine how your piece will look. 

3. Start gluing down your collage, piece by piece. I use an Elmer’s glue stick, and usually start at the edges of the paper, beginning with the pieces that are going to have other subsequent layers go over them. Keep gluing until all of the pieces are set where you wanted them originally. Sometimes further editing/arranging occurs during this step, as necessary.

4. Now you’re done! Enjoy the beautiful work that you have created. Be sure to showcase it under glass in a frame, it always looks more impressive that way ;)

Have fun with this project! Each one that you do can tell a different story or have a different theme. I have been doing these for years, and I always try to make them light-hearted and display a piece of myself within them. You will find your own style and which sources you like to use. Good luck and remember that the possibilities are limitless! 


Thank you so much Blair for such an inspirational and artistic project! Surfragette loves DIYs and creations. The best part of the process? Giving them as presents for your friends! I can't wait to have mine!!!

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