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Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Let's continue with the serie Surfing In with my friend Laurie from Canada. Yes, she is Canadian and yes, she surfs. Forget about all those meters of white snow and the barely tolerable weather. Today we are dipping into Canadian surf scene.

"My name is Laurie, writing from the cold water Canadian surf mecca where everybody drives with a surfboard on top. Its name sounds exotic and being Canadian, its the most exotic domestic experience you can have. This place is called Tofino. And I have to admit : surfing these northern pacific cold waves takes a certain kind of dedication but its worth it. 

First of all, your gear is thick : hood, booties, mits and there you are covered by at least 5 mm of neopren. In winter, the water feels warmer than the outside temperature and your duckdives freeze your brain out. Your paddling energy is not only used to fight the waves but also to fight against that fabric tightness. Your surf sessions don’t last as long, it’s no fun to put on a cold wetsuit and let’s be honest, getting changed in the parking lot is tricky with that thick gear. 

But that’s just winter and all these problems can be decreased. Paying for better gear that will last longer, having two wetsuits so you make sure you always have one dry, changing in the public restrooms and so on make you enjoy winter more.

Think about the good sides too : you will be a stronger paddler fighting against that penguin-seal suit! I heard canadian surfers are the strongest … And for those who never surfed with a hood, let me tell you that you hair can stay dry and it protects you from surfer ears. I am always cold in general but I thought winter water temperature wasn’t that bad after all.
Plus, you do paddle out to good waves, waters without disturbing shadows, offshore winds  and less crowded line ups.  You paddle out to a line up that usually has a little more estrogen too and at a place where there is always a wave to surf because of all the beaches available.

Tofino life is pretty sweet. Everybody has a wet wetsuit and a surfboard hanging around in the car and it’s normal to chat about winds, swells, swell directions and tides. 
I have to be honest, I feel I am living the dream being able to go surging before or after work and earn enough money to live near the ocean in a safe and beautiful country. 

Even if it rains, the best thing to do is to jump in the water.  Getting back to your warm house, jumping in a nice hot shower and putting on comfy clothes and stylish gum boots to go hang out in town after your sessions feels good.  Tofino has a nice young vibe town that offers yoga sessions everyday, good fresh Tofino roasted coffee, an awesome food scene and some sweet community events and partys.

Oh ! And in the summer, you do surf with only a 4/3 and without booties, gloves and hood. 
It doesn’t always rain in Tofino, but that helps the lush and green rainforest, that’s for sure!

P.S - Be prepared : you will see a lot of penguin-seals biking to the beach with a surfboard on the side.

Thanks Laurie for sharing with us your Canadian surfing experience. This made me want to come to Tofino for a breezy session and a hot chocolate!

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