An ode to travel (and all things good)

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Recently I'm experimenting one of those moments when you feel exhausted, powerless and constantly stressed out. Maybe it's just the weight of the end of the winter, maybe it's the need of sunny days, maybe I'm a bit homesick... But I feel like I really need some vacation. But not one of those in which you lay on the beach, sleep all day long or dance some exotical music in a holiday resort.

It's the adventure I miss. The idea of discovering new places, meeting new people and eating local food. The idea of walking through a small unknown village in some isolated land. The idea of meeting some other travellers like me and of sharing experiences.

I've always been a restless girl, always looking for something more. And I have to say that travelling has always been the best cure for my everyday issues. I don't mean it's right to run off from problems, but when you're back from a travel you're able to see things in a different, detached and relaxed way.

This is an ode to travel. And to all the things that make us feel good.

This is my stress relief. What is yours?

2 comments on "An ode to travel (and all things good)"
  1. The exact same thing as yours!

    1. So happy we share the same feeling! Thanks for reading ;)


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