A summer surf film festival

Friday, July 18, 2014

Last weekend I was so excited to go to the International Surf Film Festival in Anglet. Anglet is a village next to Biarritz, and it was the 11th year it has hosted the event.
But this time, two (yes TWO) surf movies about Italy were being played, which should explain my excitement!

People here in Biarritz are always asking, "Do you have waves in Italy?" and "Where do you actually surf in Italy?".

These two films were the answer to their questions.

The first one was Bella Vita by Jason Baffa. Best Cinematography award-winner, it follows the journey of Chris Del Moro towards his Italian roots. Good food and wine, some family time, lots of nostalgia - a romantic and evocative point of view on Italian culture and surf scene that made me feel a bit homesick for a while.

The second movie was Peninsula, by our friend Luca Merli from Block10. A more realistic (and, let me say, more "Italian") look at Italy and its surf history, was full of quality waves, good surfers, and stunning landscapes. I found in the screen lots of friends, familiar faces, and laughter. And that reminded me of home.

Yes, they've evoked quite nostalgic moments... But even if I miss my homeland, and its colors and sounds and perfumes and smiles... Even if I miss it all, I'm still happy to be here and I feel really lucky to live by the ocean.

And I know that when I'm having one of those homesick moments, I can always book a flight and be back for a sunset session...

Credits // Autor: Marta Tomasini
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