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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
If you thought that the life of a full-time-job/surfer was difficult, you never thought about the life of a full-time-job/surf-blogger. This is particularly true for those who don’t blog professionally, but just do it for their own pleasure.

Being a surfer while trying to build a career in another area means you're always torn between duty and passion, and you spend your spare time checking the forecasts and driving around to find the right spot to surf. And then what usually happens is that the tide isn't the right one, the waves aren't that good, the spot isn't working as it should.

And then comes the life of a surf blogger. This is the person who always takes her camera with her, and then forgets it the one time when the waves are oh-so-good… and yeah, I wish I had my camera with me. The one who thinks: ‘My readers would love that!’ and who spends her Sunday afternoons writing new articles and getting inspirations wherever she goes.

All for the love of it, trying to inspire other girls to follow their dreams.

I sometimes blame myself for not having a more "professional" style and not having higher quality pictures and poses.

But no, I'm not a pro, and I'm not surrounded by professional photographers snapping pictures in and out of the water wherever I go... Not that I don't wish for that, but it just isn't the case.

I have a wonderful boyfriend who on his birthday spends the afternoon trying to capture a few moments in the water for me, and then doesn't get mad when I complain that the light wasn't good, that he wasn't in the right position, and that I wished I surfed better...
Sure, this can't replace the best photographer, and maybe sometimes I wish I had a few more good pictures, but the love I'm surrounded by is the real thing that matters most.

So, to everyone out there, if you have a boyfriend, friend, or a sister who spends their time helping you achieve your goals, don't take it for granted.

Embrace the love you're surrounded by and smile.

And when you read this blog, think about the love and effort that I and the people who care about me put into it.

Spread the bliss.

Credits // Author: Marta Tomasini, Photography: Andrea Scatolero, One-piece swimwear: Adal├╣
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