Sunset sessions

Friday, August 15, 2014
I was born at 6pm on a mid-May day, and I always thought this influenced my life in some way. I wouldn't call myself a morning person at all – let’s just say you had better not talk to me before 10:00am… and I always feel at my best around happy hour time.

That's why I have always preferred surfing at the end of the day. My energy is awakened and my senses can feel the light breeze, while the day melts into the night.

Sunset sessions bring something magical with them... You can say it's the golden hour, with its amazing surreal colors. Or the perfumes coming from the houses before dinner. Again, the sound of seagulls and the people leaving the water to let you finally enjoy that bit of solitude. And me mentally singing "Golden Brown" by The Smiths...

And everything is just so peaceful and quiet. It's only you, a few friends maybe, and the waves. Beautiful golden waves silently approaching to you. And you slide along them smiling, knowing the sun is calmly going down.

Until you can't see your own shadow reflected on the surface any more...

Yes, sunset is definitely the most magical moment of the day.

Credits // Author // Photography: Marta Tomasini
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