Through the stone fence

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Recently I found myself asking whether I made the right decision moving here or not. My mister and I had to face all the problems you can find in your path when you are an immigrant in another country.
Papers, dossiers to be filled, a new language to be learnt...
Then the rainy weather and the not so frequent winter surf, which is always not as good as you expected.

You see pictures of your friends surfing at your home spot, your brother is telling you his wife's waiting a baby, and your mum just made that dish you love...
But you're far away from all of this.

Then the other day I was walking the little path down to the beach in front of my flat here in Biarritz. Breathed the salt air and my sight went right through the stone fence, to those beautiful breaking waves.

Suddenly I understood that sometimes things must be seen under a different light or from another perspective in order to realize how beautiful they really are.

So yes, every journey encounters difficulties and obstacles. But if we stop and change the way we look at them, we may find amazing adventures and beautiful shining water masses waiting to be ridden.

I feel lucky to live by the ocean.

Credits // Author // Photography: Marta Tomasini
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