Surf movie, friends and boards

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hi guys! We're happily back in Biarritz, but last week has been such a good time spent with family and friends. A throwback we're never tired of every time we go home.

Last Wednesday night my mister and I had the chance to go to the première of Peninsula in our home town, hosted by Glide, the best surf shop in Torino and a dear friend of ours.
I already told you about this new Italian surf movie here, but since then loads of other people had the chance to watch it and it is having a great success!

Peninsula is the portrait of a recently discovered surf culture in Italy - good waves and surfers, stunning landscapes and that simplicity and authenticity that distinguish Italian people.

A dj set, an art show, a concert, a book sale and a boards exposition by INTI longboards have been the great combo that made that night so special.

Thank you so much all the Glide team and the Peninsula crew for all of this.
We had such a fun night, full of chatting, memories and boards - we couldn't ask for more.

...And if you haven't watched it yet, here's the trailer of Peninsula.

Author // Credits: Marta Tomasini
Photography: pics 1 and 5 Buzzy Lao, pic 2 Matteo Guolo, all the other pics Giorgio Bianco

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