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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Back in Italy, whenever we decided to go surfing it turned out to be an adventure. Two hours drive, car sharing with friends, packed lunch and the tour of all the spots in order to find good waves (most of the times surfable waves were fine). And I remember sometimes, after 5.30 am alarm clock and an endless drive, we arrived at the spot to find out it was totally flat and the forecasts were wrong. Too bad, we spent the day with friends at the beach. And it was good enough to make us come back home with half a smile.

Ever since my boyfriend and I moved to Biarritz, surfing turned into a regular activity in our everyday lives. And we became quite lazy. We usually surf the spot in front of our home and if the waves are not that great, we surf there anyway :) During those bad raining days if the spot doesn't attend our hopes, we prefer laying on the couch and waiting for the next swell.

Shame on us!

But the past weekend blessed us with warm spring-like weather. So, even if Cรดte des Basques wasn't working at its best, we decided it wasn't time for laziness and we put ourselves together for a discovery mission. Of course the Basque coastline is well known for its surf spots, and there's almost no place which hasn't been surfed yet and visited by tourists crowds. But we found a spot in Bidart we hadn't surfed yet.

We were not alone (Sunday - what news!), but far enough from the city to enjoy a beautiful and a little more sauvage, wild landscape and to surf good peeling waves.
It was like a road trip without leaving home, if it makes any sense?

Anyway, it was definitely worth it to step out of our comfort zone for once and go discover new places. I really hope we'll do it again soon... Too many unsurfed waves are left waiting for us.

Credits // Author // Photography: Marta Tomasini

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