Learning to fall

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Since we were kids, we were taught not to fall - or at least try not to. Not to fall while learning to walk, not to fall while cycling, not to fall while standing on a ladder or on our high heels..... ;)
I know all those life lessons were meant to protect us. And at a certain point our mums told us to put the helmet on because, if we had to fall, at least we wouldn't get hurt.

But what if we were taught since children not to protect ourselves from being hurt, but how to stand up again after falling instead?
What if we had been prepared to react after failing challenges, instead of preventing them?

When we're young we live in that cozy shelter where nothing and nobody can hurt us, protected by the warmth and care of our parents and the people who love us. But as soon as we grow up, we understand that, although life is surprisingly beautiful, it can sometimes put us in front of obstacles and difficult tasks we're not prepared for.

Here comes the tough part!

Recently I understood that failing is a big part of this process of becoming "adults". 
We're humans and can't expect to do everything good and perfect every time. The life lessons we learn from falling down and then jumping up on the train again make us stronger and ready to face whatever life puts in our path.

So, it's time to shake this fear off our shoulders. It's the imperfections that we're made of that make us so unique.
No matter if it's caused by our surfboard while doing a cut back or by a test we studied our ass off for, sometimes we can't avoid the fall - the only thing we can do is embrace it and be ready to get on our feet again.

This is something I'm understanding recently and I hope that sharing this can help some of you too.

Credits // Author: Marta Tomasini, Photography: Floraine Carlot

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