Why I chose argan oil

Saturday, November 15, 2014
When I went to Morocco a few years ago I didn't know anything about the cosmetic use of argan oil. So I didn't buy any and I've been regretting that forever!
Because since then, I got to know its properties better, but never trusted any of the product on the market - often too expensive and with very few pure argan oil.

A few weeks ago I found this interesting brand 100% pure argan oil with no perfumes and derived of biological culture. Definitely worth a try!!

In Oriental countries, argan oil is at the heart of all beauty secrets. The argan tree, endemic to Morocco, produces the precious kernels from which this oil is extracted. You can apply the oil directly on skin, nails and hair or add a few drops on your everyday creams, lotions, shampoo and conditioner to enrich them.

For the ones who don't know them yet, here some of the properties of argan oil (cosmetic use):

1. Skin moisturizer
With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil is commonly use to hydrate and soften skin of the whole body (nails and lips too!). Its anti-oxidants help neutralize free radical damage, which makes argan oil the ideal anti-aging product. And if you, like me, have dry skin problems this will help contrast dehydration without giving you that horrible shiny effect - it absorbs easily and is non-greasy. A few drops into my face and neck before sleeping and the next morning my skin was definitely softer (but not oily). Score!

2. Healing and protection
Damaged, irritated or cracked skins are a pain in the ass. Argan oil can help to speed up healing, other than preventing sore and dry skin. Its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation qualities can also help repairing and balancing skin affected by acne, providing natural moisture.

3. Pregnancy
Argan oil's vitamin E content being rubbed into breasts, stomach, bottom and thighs during pregnancy can reduce the likelihood of developing unsightly stretch marks, a big issue for many pregnant women. I'm not there yet, but if some of you is let me know if it works!

4. Hair
This is it, my obsession. I looove taking care of my hair, but being a surfer salt water and sun exposure can ruin my hair - and even when it's healthy, most of the times it appears opaque and sad. That's why I'm a happy consumer of all natural nourishing hair products. I couldn't not try argan oil, which is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier. All true - I apply a few drops every morning (or every two) after my normal styling. We'll see if it helps make my hair healthier on a long term too. I'll keep you posted!

So, over all I'm pretty satisfied and I hope you'll be too. If any of you have other tips and secrets for nurishing skin and hair you want to share, write them in the comments! I'll be happy to read them all!!!

Credits // Author: Marta Tomasini, Argan oil: terre d'Oc

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