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Saturday, December 27, 2014
This is that time of the year when you start making promises to yourself for the next year. Promises that you already know they'll be hard to be stuck on ;)
But this time I am really motivated and I intend to keep my word and be serious about that!

Since I came here I've been working in an office, spending 7 hours and a half behind my pc screen, sitting on a chair. I soon became lazy and, apart from surfing, didn't spend much time on a work out - no need to say I'm not so fond of the gym. I'm not saying I'm fat or not fit, but I started to feel not that good with my body, with sore muscles and weakness and hard to stretch.

That's why some (see most) of my resolutions for the new coming year are about a healthier lifestyle. I'll keep you posted about my new healthy experiences, from subscribing to the gym to eating veggies instead of sweets and going out more.
I even want to spend more time in the water, trying to improve and get over with my obsession of cold (you can read some tips here).

I hope to stay strong and keep my promises and of course I'll keep you posted with all the updates ;) For now I think I'll indulge a little more just until the new years eheheh

What your good resolutions for 2015 are? I wanna hear from all of you, so we can stick together and succeed!!!

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