Never wait for the wave after

Friday, December 5, 2014
Literally, never. That feeling when a new set is coming... The first wave looks good, but I bet the next one is better. Ok, I'll go with the second one. But even if sometimes it works, other times that wave never arrive. You'll be left into a flat ocean with a regret of not having took advantage of that opportunity.

Most of the times it turns out to be a lesson in life. Carpe diem is not just something exotic to say that will make you look cool. Others would say "go with the flow"... I prefer calling it a jump.
I realized that we don't jump often enough in life. Even when exciting, a new adventure or challenge can overwhelm us and make us take a step back. That is totally normal. We feel safer in our comfort zone and fear the unknown. So, we tell ourselves that "next time a better opportunity will come" or "I'll do it when I feel it". But you'll never be prepared for whatever life has planned for you. That doesn't mean closing your eyes and take unnecessary risks with no thought behind. But if you never seize the day, you'll never know whether the next opportunity will be better or not - you won't have a term of comparison.

So, jump into the blue and catch that wave! It wasn't that good? Don't worry, you'll try next time. But at least you know what you could have missed out.

Credits // Author: Marta Tomasini

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