Home is where your heart is

Monday, January 12, 2015
Being back home has been great. I loved spending time with family and friends talking about everything and nothing and just being together. 

After the Christmas lunches and dinners marathon (see previous post), I went to my parent's house at the mountain. It's a small village in the Italian Alps and I used to spend my winters there with my family until just before moving here.
So, it's been quite like being back to my roots, to a place in which I spent a big part of my adolescence. Here's where my parents put me on skiis when I was 2 an a half - so I can say I learnt to ski just right after learning to walk! Most importantly it's the place where I became passionate of snowboarding and of all boardsports in general. At the age of 15 my parents gave me my first snowboard for Christmas and from that day on I never stopped being on a board.

Seeing familiar places and landscapes, feeling that biting cold and pungent air hitting my face... It all felt like home. I decided to took some pictures to bring to Biarritz with me. They remind me of an era where there were no problems, no responsabilities... Just myself, the mountains, a bunch of good friends and huge smiles.
Sometimes looking at these pictures and feeling so far away make me sad. But then I realize that in those places time had stopped. And even if I am not 15 anymore, home is where your heart is and I know somehow it won't change and it'll be still there for me when I'm back.

Credits // Author // Photography: Marta Tomasini, Andrea Scatolero

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