What I learnt in 2014

Thursday, January 15, 2015
2014 has been such a rollercoaster to me! Lots of things changed and my life turned upside down... in a good way! I took big steps and risks in the pursuit of something more, that at the beginning was just blurry and definitely scary. But all these changes turned out to be great and taught me a lot, even more than what I expected.
So here the lessons of this past year I am grateful for.


In 2014 lots of things have changed in my life. From moving in with my boyfriend in another country to starting being indipendent, from welcoming new family members to starting a "real" job. Even if change is unexpected, challenging and you're never prepared for it, it always turns out to be good and make us grow up in multiple ways. Change is life and it prevents our existence from being too boring or not going further.


Pushing our mental barriers to the next step can be scary. New places, new people, new challenges - all of them freak us out, since we feel like we've lost our way. But giving life a chance to surprise us, to adventure into the unknown can teach us a lot, especially of ourselves. We don't have to fear what we don't know yet, because sometimes it turns out to be the best experience of our life!


Moving far away from my family has been such a tough challenge (I'm Italian, don't you remember? ;) ). And it still is - every time I'll go visit them, I find myself driven into melancholy for not having them closer.
But what I learnt from this past year is that you don't need to live in the same neighborhood to feel they're part of your everyday life. Thanks to technology, we are able to talk everyday and see each other as soon as our lives let it. Plus, they will always be there for you just because they love you so so much and you're part of them too.


Having a full-time job is rewarding, but of course, when I was attending university I had a lot more spare time. This is not preventing me from weekend getaways and roadtrips - time management and organization are the keys! Traveling is such a great way of getting to know the world and the people living in it. It has the power of opening our eyes and soul and it's way more instructive and inspiring of any class you could attend. So, don't let everyday duties make excuses for not discovering it!


I have to admit that I'm quite a melancholic person. The type of girl that loves thinking about the golden era of her early twenties or telling people her first date with her boyfriend. Please, don't judge me! ;) Sometimes this keeps me from jumping into the new and get people to know who I am now, instead of who I was then. Being stuck in the past and overthink everything can be such a ball-and-chain. A laid-back lifestyle and a little less care of what people might think of us, can help us being present and take the best out of every day.


Usually I'm not the kind of girl that calls her friends and beloved ones regularly just to say hi and catch up. They know I love them and I'm always there for them any time they need. But last year, when I was more than 1000km far from the people I care, I realized that I am wrong. It was me the one who needed someone who called just to say hi and that feeling of being put apart made me reconsider my position. We all love and always have each other - and we know that. But relationships are like plants - they need cares and pampers to grow up stronger and stronger. A little something to remind your family, friends and loves that you care about them can really make the difference and put a smile in someone's face.


Yes, well, what else to say? You know I'm not the gym and fitness classes kind of girl. But what goes around comes around and now I find myself with back pain, sore muscles and a little shoulder issue that my doctor doesn't really know what is yet. So, people, pleeeease don't do like me! Exercise, exercise and exercise! You don't need to do it in order to loose weight, but to be healthy and prevent from all the pains due to bad habits.


Yes, it is. It doesn't mean you should do whatever you want. Date with your girlfriends and you see that amazing red velvet calling you and begging for a bite, but you swore you're over sweets. You don't need to eat the whole cake, but you can have a slice - then maybe do a little more workout to compensate. You got the point. In my case I have to say I am not a big spender. That's why I feel awfully guilty when I spend money on something I don't really need. But then I realized that pampering yourself once in a while is good for your soul and mood! So yes, it's fine to indulge sometimes. Just make sure it doesn't become a habit!

Credits // Author: Marta Tomasini, Photography: Floraine Carlot

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