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Friday, February 27, 2015
A couple of weeks ago Andrea's dad came visit us in Biarritz for a little winter escape. Unluckily for him it ended up raining almost everyday of his staying, but in Biarritz you can well expect it!
Any time a friend or a family member come visit us we try to show them the beauty of the surroundings - we visit museums, take long walks on the beach, have tea in fancy bistrot or even cross the border with Spain for having some pintxos (aka "tapas") at our Spanish neighbor's.
That's for saying we play tourists at our home and sometimes we find ourselves discovering beautiful places and stunning landscapes we didn't know before, just around the corner or even in our neighborhood!

Last time Andrea took his dad and I on a little walk from our house to the lake. He discovered that path on one of his usually runs and, well, he was just right when he told me we had to go back there.
I'm a lazy one (no surprise around here! ;) ), but one of my New Year's resolutions was going out more and, most of all, take exercising more seriously. And having a walk after work counts as a work out, right?? ;)

So we took the path from the coast line to the lake Mouriscot. The landscape suddenly changed and it looked like we were in the woods or in some little village next to the mountains. Pics speak for themselves.
When we reached the lake the water was so still and everything so quiet, it made us forget about the roaring storm waves of the Ocean, so closed yet so far in our minds.
The only noise was myself trying to scare the ducks away... How old I said I was??!

It was a good escape and a sweet way to end a normal work day. 
Most of all, we learnt that sometimes we don't need to fly far away or look for the next travel adventure to discover new wonderful places and get surprised. 
Sometimes the beauty hides just around the corner - it's our job to seek it our eyes wide open and take the most of it.... And how poetic is that? ;)

Credits // Author: Marta Tomasini, Photography: Marta Tomasini and Andrea Scatolero

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