Laurie Boudreault and Highwaters Designs

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Today I want to introduce to you the talented Laurie and her jewel brand Highwaters Designs.
She has already been Surfragette's guest on a post about surfing in Canada - you can read it here.

Yes, because Laurie is from a coastal town in Canada, even if I met her in Portugal a few years ago (Apparently I met a lot of people there, didn't I?!). I have to say her positive vibes and bubbly attitude are able to catch you and suddenly make you smile. :)
And her character is reflected in her necklaces and bracelets collection - a series of inspirational salty quotes having the power of improving your day and making you feel like a urban mermaid.

1. Hi Laurie! I have to tell you, I'm so in love with your jewels line. What did lead you to start your own business and what are you inspired by?

Thanks so much Marta! I am actually awful, I just can't stop. I need to be making art, with any medium that inspires me. It's overwhelming sometimes haha! Starting my own business just made sense for me. 
My background is Fashion Design but I grew up with a very artistic mom and I guess I have always been encouraged to try many things. 

I started this jewelry line when I got mono last winter. I was tired all the time and I couldn't surf so I decided to leave Tofino and go back home to rest. Since I had a lot of time in my hands, my creative side was urging me to do something. So I started this jewelry line because I realized it was a good way for me to express my cheesy love for quotes and be creative. My inspirations come from people's sayings, by living in Tofino but most of all, just by living the life you imagined.

2. The ocean plays a big role in your life. What is the main message you want to share through the words on your necklaces and bracelets?

I for sure have a lot of sayings related to the ocean and surfing. I have to admit that the ocean terrifies me but surfing is one of the biggest love I've ever felt. Surfing a wave is a feeling that I am always happy to share and talk about. Through my designs, I simply want to pass on the message that we are dust in the milky way. We should try to approach life with a lighter perspective, care only for what is important. You should always do what you love because we only live once.

3. You live and create in Tofino, a coastal town in Canada, right? How does the environment that surrounds you inspire your designs?

Tofino is such a beautiful little town in a remote peninsula along the Pacific North West. It is surrounded by mountains and ocean, tall green trees, and rough coastlines. The lush surroundings are very inspiring but I am also inspired by the town's healthy lifestyle and its supporting community. People do anything they can to be able to live in this gorgeous town. It doesn't really matter what you do for work - the surf sessions, the beach walks, the hikes, the community events, the yoga, the food culture, and so on are what matters.

4. What are your expectations for the future? Do you have any little secrets about your line you would like to share with Surfragette's readers? 

I am stoked to announce that my friend, who is also my business partner, and I will be opening a shop! It is a workshop with a retail space at the front called Merge: An Artisan Collective. We will be showcasing small but high quality artisans with a very unique style, as well as our designs. We just started renovating! It is a cute space with awesome features such as skylights, sun room, a massive rose bush, white walls, cedar slabs, wood counters and tables, concrete details, etc.

I also am in the process of adding an underwear line to my brand and another style of jewelry, which is very exciting. Lots of work required but I always pictured myself doing different jobs. So here I am, running a shop, a brand, little bits of watercolour arts, and a part-time job haha! But I pretty much get to go surfing everyday so life is sweet!

Thank you Laurie for sharing with us your inspirations and creativity. I loved interviewing you and your jewels are so fun and beautiful! I hope to see you soon and maybe surf together?

So, people, if you loved Laurie's charismatic and sparkling attitude, as well as her creations, you don't want to miss out her website, fb page and, why not, a visit to her shop Merge and a surf in Canada ;)

Credits // Author: Marta Tomasini, Laurie Boudreault, Photography: Marta Tomasini, Pic 1 and 4 courtesy of Laurie Boudreault, All the jewels are by Highwaters Designs

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