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Monday, February 16, 2015

Nothing more promising than a book named Swell. This is my latest read and you have to believe me when I say I'm so sad I finished it.
Swell takes you to the exotic and exciting atmosphere of the surfing world tour, following the adventures of Bailey Brown, English writer and biographer of the 12-times world surfing champion Jason Cross.

For Bailey the surf world was a totally unknown matter, before she met Jason at a glam party in LA. The stunning statuesque surfer offers her the opportunity of a lifetime: write his biography and follow him on the world tour, during a whole year on the best beaches around the globe. From that day on, between her first experience on a surfboard and a stolen kiss, she discovers the danger, the glamour and the drama behind the competitive surfing - giving credit to a job, the professional surfer, which is not always what we might expect. Most important, she discovers how to live.

Swell has everything a novel, a surf novel, could have: action, great waves, stunning locations, six-packs everywhere and the right amount of drama and love that we like so much.

Lauren Davies, the author, knows well what she's writing about, since her life has been spent traveling around the world to follow her husband, professional surfer and four-time British surfing champion Gabe Davies, chasing waves in exotic locations.

“When I’ve told people my husband is a professional surfer, they don’t quite understand or realize how often they’re putting their lives at risk,” says Lauren

Nothing more to add. I just suggest you to read it and let yourself be overwhelmed by the magic atmosphere and the tropical locations of this novel. 
Plus, in winter time, dreaming about bikinis, warm surf and sandy toes is a great remedy to beat the winter blues ;)

Credits // Author // Photography: Marta Tomasini, Book "Swell" by Lauren Davies

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