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Thursday, February 19, 2015
A few days ago I was just surfing around the internet and I saw on Facebook that my friend Concha was running a new surf project, Seasoul Shelter - I was thrilled!
Concha and I met in Portugal a few years ago, when I was working for a surf camp during the summer. She's such a genuine and sparkling personality and I suddenly knew I wanted to know more about Seasoul Shelter.
That is when she introduced me to her friend and "partner in crime" Killa. The two of them agreed to do with me a little Q&A interview to explain you and me more about their amazing project.

1. Hi girls! What exactly is Seasoul Shelter and how did your project start?

Seasoul Shelter was born with the idea of sharing adventures, connecting people and places and providing a true travel experience.
Seasoul Shelter is not a travel agency, not a surf camp, neither a yoga retreat. We set a frame of your holiday, deliver ingredients for an individual experience and the rest is up to you.
Our vision is to keep things simple and pure to what they are.

2. What are the values you'd like to share with all the other people during the retreats?

We truly believe that the journey is the reward. We are always learning. From each other, from the ocean and everything around us. We want our clients to experience the now, the moment. Learn to dive into the secret of being happy and content. Our travel concept combines the three aspects of that: mind, body and spirit. It´s all about the right balance in your personal life.

3. How much is surf part of your personal lives and experiences?

We would not be who we are and do what we do without surfing. It has shaped our lives remarkably! The change began through surfing: meeting each other, encountering a new way of life, confronting realities, overcoming fears, and most of all just learning to be present.

Surfing sort of brings you back to simplicity and the pure meaning of life. It lets you enjoy the moment and feel alive. It changes your perception of things, it is a process and you grow with it. If you surf you know what we are talking about!

4. Let's talk about your next program, for girls only! I know it will take place in Cornwall, England. Can you tell us more details about it?

The idea to organize a surf trip to Cornwall came up through a growing interest of former surf students (both Concha and Killa are surf instructors) to go and explore the west coast of the UK. 

Concha: As I have spend quite some time living and surfing there I can only recommend that area. It is stunningly beautiful, friendly, magic even I would say and the surf is so good and empty!

During our time there we are intending to get wet at least once a day. It can be early morning sessions, sunset surfs and a sightseeing tour in-between. Additionally we plan a visit to a nearby indoor skatepark, to a surf factory, eat Sunday Roast at the local pub and really just have a good time diving into the Cornish lifestyle.
At the end of the six day surf trip there is the option to stay for the biggest three day surf music festival in the beach town we accommodate you. Everyone is welcome to join us for that too!

5. Do you have any advice for all the girls who would like to join you?

Well it's quite simple: come along, connect with us and just roll with the flow. If you are tired of being stuck at the same point in your surfing or life, we get you out there, push you through and show you how to have a good time! If you are tired of surf camps and group travels that make you feel like a number; you actually just want to have a nice surf trip with a few girls, learn about the local waves and area, this is it! We don't have vans with logos, flags on the beach and lycras for you. Join us as as a friend, a bunch of surf buddies to have great fun with and progress on the way.

6. Can you reveal us the next destinations you have in mind?

We have a macrobiotic cooking workshop coming up in April in Portugal. The aspiration here is to provide healthy eating & living with related aspects such as hiking, meditation, yoga and of course surfing. For more information on that program visit

Additionally we are already working on the next surf trip, which will take place somewhere in South America. Let us surprise you. We can't wait to reveal details!

Thank you Marta for having us and see you in the water!

Thank you girls for sharing your project with us! Can't wait to surf with you soon!
And for the ones who are interested in joining Concha and Killa, visit Seasoul Shelter website and get to know more about the programs they offer ;)

Credit // Author: Marta Tomasini, Concha Rossler, Killa Schuetze, Photos courtesy of Seasoul Shelter

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