Flashback from last summer

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Now that spring is approaching, I can't help thinking about those long warm water session, kissed by the sun, sliding on small fun peelers...
The reality is a bit different right now in Biarritz, - a little tougher I suppose. Huge stormy swells hit the coastline and break the spots. The weather can eventually bless us with a day or two of sun, between long cold rainy weeks... But I'm getting used to it :) Even if I'm well aware we'll have to wait at least until June to get some summer warmth.
That's why the only thing you can do in this case, other than following my tips on cold surfing, is taking advantage of cozy afternoons under a blanket and scroll through last summer pics.

That is when I found the pictures my friend Luca took the week in October when a few friends came here on a surftrip.
Because yes, here October is (most of the times) still considered like summer.

So, if you were contemplating the idea of a surftrip around here, I suggest you prefer September/October over the mid summer months. Actually, I change my mind, I better save the waves for the few in the lineup ;)
Just kidding, I'd love sharing some fun with you guys! So, let me know if you ever pass by!

By the way, Luca Panegatti is such a talented photographer. So, if you're interested in action sports photography, you don't want to miss a visit to his tumblr, where you can find all his best shots.


Credits // Author: Marta Tomasini, Photography: Luca Panegatti

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