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Tuesday, March 3, 2015
I own an Instagram account since almost two years now, but I have to say I wasn't really into it until just a few months ago. I understood, in fact, how this social media can be a powerful tool in order to build a strong and affectionate audience of people to share your life bits with. Most important, I find in it such a great source of inspiration and the motivation of improving your photography skills everyday.

There are some Instagram account I follow the most and in which I always seek for inspiration. Today I want to share with you my fave top 3 female surf bloggers/mermaids accounts. And I don't want you to expect the usual list of bikini girls, pleeeeaze ;)
These girls are oh so talented and their photos are just amazing!
Check them out

Tara Michie @ladyslider

Tara lives in Hawaii, one of the most beautiful places in the world. She is a creative mind and the author of the blog Ladyslider. Here she talks about her island life and makes us jealous showing the a.m.a.z.i.n.g pictures of those beautiful places she calls her home. Her Instagram account reflects her blog and it's a great remedy to winter blues! Definitely to check.

Devon DeMint @mermaidsightings

Devon is such a sweet and genuine writer from California, as well as a great surfer. In her blog The Tale of a Mermaid you can read about her life, her surf adventures, healthy recipes and even tips for improving your surfing skills. In her Instagram account you can find plenty of amazing surf pictures that will make you want to start some surfing work out!

Rebekah Steen @goldfish_kiss

Rebekah is the sparkling, creative girl behind Goldfish Kiss. Her blog is just full of her and her overwhelming energy. Here you can find amazing beach fashion, natural beauty tips, some bits of her life and inspiring quotes. Her Instagram account reflects her positive personality and it'll suddenly make you smile!

Are you double-tapping already? I bet you are!
I loved this feature so much I could even decide to make it a periodic issue with other inspiring accounts... Future will see!

Anyway, I'm on Instagram too! So, don't forget to check SURFRAGETTE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT and follow it if you feel like!! :)


Credits // Author: Marta Tomasini

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