Learning to skate

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This past weekend we have been blessed with such a beautiful spring sunny weather. Totally unexpected. But we really needed some warmth and light after almost four weeks of rain in a row... Welcome to Basque Country folks!

Anyway, I thought it could be the right moment for me to dust off my boyfriend's longboard skate and ask him to teach me. I admit it was not the first time on a skateboard for me, but it had been such a long time since the last ride.

I had so much fun! Starting slowly, at the end I was really enjoying some little more speed. If you can actually call it this way ;)

Andrea also took me on a video, but I care about you (and I got some kind of reputation, you know!) so I won't put it on-line. However, if the best skater is the one having the most fun (busted, I stole this quote from surfing), I can say I'm quite a pro! ;)

Plus, If you haven't noticed yet, I'm wearing these super cool Akela Surf leggings. I love them because you can wear them in and out of the water. With some heels for a sleeker look, with your everyday sneakers to create a casual outfit or with your favorite bikini. So, basically you can live with them on!
They can definitely have a place on my list of tips for packing light during the next surftrip... Just saying! ;)

So, here is to sunny days, boards, lots of fun and cool outfits!

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!


Credits // Author: Marta Tomasini, Photography: Andrea Scatolero

3 comments on "Learning to skate"
  1. Hey! What type of longboard is that? I am looking for something just that size!

    1. Hi!! It's a Lush. But I don't really know its features and sizes, sorry :(
      I picked it from my boyfriend!! ;)

  2. This one is a kicktail longboard and suitable for freestyle ride. But I am searching a Drop- thorough longboard.


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