When you can't surf...

Monday, March 30, 2015

I haven't been surfing for almost a month now... The doctor said it is probably a fractured floating rib or a torn intercostal muscle. Anyway, the x-ray and the echography found nothing, so the only cure is to rest and wait for my pain to get lower. This means zero surfing!

I don't really know what caused it, but I suspect I started my workout a little too hard without being trained at all. Not the smartest thing to do!

Then you know, when you can't surf the only thing you can think of is, guess what, surfing!! So, I'm getting quite obsessed of getting better and going in the water as soon as possible. Yet I don't want to force by body and risk my injury to get worse.

Anyway, I couldn't resist and I bought a new board!!!! (Shame on me!)
But since I can't surf it yet, I decided not to look at it or care about it too much until I'll be able to paddle out. I really love it!! But I'll show it to you in another post ;)

So, I decided that right now the best thing to do is to concentrate on working, my university studies and the exciting upcoming Surfragette's projects. I hope I'll be able to surf very soon.

Wish me luck everybody!


ps: these pics are from before I injured myself. Sunny days and perfect waves :)

Credits // Author // Photography: Marta Tomasini

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