Surf upcycling

Friday, April 3, 2015
Since I moved to Biarritz and started working very close to Surfrider Foundation Europe I became more and more aware of the environmental issue. It's a subject that involves everyone of us on the earth, nobody excluded. That's why it's important to adopt some good habits in our everyday routine starting from, why not, today! :)

As surfers, we couldn't live our passion without a healthy ocean. So, it's our job to spread the message and let the change begin from us.

Today I'd love to share with you ocean lovers some fun DIY projects you can do with your old and/or broken surfboards. Instead of dumping them away or letting them gather dust in a corner of your garage, let's give them a second chance, a second life!

A coat of chalk board paint and you've got a beautiful makeover! Diy via

Isn't this outdoor shower just the cutest?? Found on

I'd LOVE to have breakfast in the morning on this beautiful bar table. Seen on

Such a great idea to customize your backyard fence! Seen on

Did you like these projects?
So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your old surfboard and give it a second chance!!

Do you have other upcycling projects to share? Tell me about them in the comments ;)


Credits // Author: Marta Tomasini, Pics and projects via the links above

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