Saturday, May 30, 2015
Spring has finally come! I know, I've said that before... But, what can I say, I like to think that the sun is sticking with us for longer than just a few days.
So, this weekend the goal is to take advantage of the warmth and spring-like weather as much as we can!

These pics have been taken yesterday. The weather was so good, warm enough not to sweat and just chill and watch the waves... All smiles!

Many of you out there are lucky enough to live in an endless summer country in some part of the world. You know, sometimes I'm a bit jealous - things are quite different here. But, you know what, I'm getting used to it and kinda starting liking it :)

Let's just say that when the sun shines here, it's waaay more special.
And today it's like that!

I hope you're having an amazing warm, salty weekend!


Credits // Author // Photography: Marta Tomasini

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