Getting ready for summer // What's in my bag

Monday, June 15, 2015
With the warmer weather and the summer season knocking at our doors, we are always looking forward to our free time for running at the closest beach. I love lying in the sand and just do nothing but listen to the sound of the roaring ocean.

My only problem is I always tend to bring too much stuff with me so that as soon as I get at the beach I'm already sweating and my shoulder hurts behind the weight of my bag.
So, today I'll share my top 5 items to bring at the beach, with the hope to stick with just the five of them next time I decide to go lay in the sand.

This post is sponsored by Rip Curl. The brand created such a feminine yet functional collection for this summer. I hope you all enjoy it!

1. THE BAG - You always need a capacious bag. I know I said I'll try to limit the things I bring with me, but how can you resist to a bag in which you can really fit anything (or almost)? This one in particular is fun and has such a summer vibe that catches you even in the most cloudy days (hello Biarritz!!).

2. THE SUNSCREEN - When we chill in the sun we don't always realize we are risking our own health. UV rays are a real danger for our skin - all types of skin! Since we don't want to run to the ER with deep burnt all over or even get a cancer that will mark our lives forever, we better protect ourselves with a thick layer of sunscreen. I personally love P20, especially for surfing, as it lasts up to 80 minutes in the water!!! You can learn more about P20 here. More and more brands have also developed eco-friendly formulas, so you can enjoy your time under the sun while protecting the environment. 

3. THE BIKINI - For this season all swimwear brands definitely outdid themselves! Colorful and tropical prints everywhere, body-fitting shapes, unique cuts... They make you wish it was summer all year long! And this bikini by Rip Curl is no exception! I love how beautiful and girly it makes me feel every time I dip my toes in the sand.

4. THE SUNNIES - I love sunglasses, I really do. I used to buy a lot from cheap stores and change them matching my outfits. But then I found this pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer and never wore another one. I also became aware of the damages of sun rays to our eyes and eyesight, so that good lens can definitely make a change. I've been owning the same pair for about five years now and they're almost perfect! So, spending a little more money in the end was worthwhile both for my health and for the quality of the product.

5. THE BEACH TOWEL - I love lying freely on the warm white sand and take advantage of the natural scrub... But sometimes this is not always a good idea. Especially after a dip in the ocean! ;) This beach towel is super soft, you'll find yourself rolling in it during the noon siesta at home too! It's a bit difficult to change in it when putting on the wetsuit for a quick session, but we can always do the mother-naked style, right? ;)

What about you? Do you have particular items you can't do without for a day at the beach?

I wish you all a sandy sunny week!

Credits // Author // Photography: Marta Tomasini, bag, bikini and towel Rip Curl

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