Rip Curl summer wetsuit // The review

Monday, July 27, 2015
A couple of months ago I received a package from Rip Curl Europe full of salty goodies that every beach junkie like me would have started jumping for joy. And so I did! :)
Between all the beautiful treats from this summer collection, there was also the amazing G-Bomb you can see in the pics. 1mm black neoprene, it is classy just like I want to look like while in the water and sexy enough to make me feel the beauty in the lineup without giving other guys too much distraction from the waves.

Anyways, this was a few months ago, while the water here in France was still too chill to deep our cheeks in. But now the summer sun-rays have given the ocean the right warmth to make me want to rip off my full-wetsuit and show the whole world my white legs!
I can finally surf with my new G-Bomb and I decided to share with you my full review. So, if some of you are confused about the pros and cons of surfing with this teeny weeny summer wetsuit, here I am to solve any doubts of yours.

Talking about the aesthetic features, when you tell me black and classy I'm totally sold! I am a sucker for sober and not-too-flashy wetsuit, so that when I had a look at the G-Bomb I was suddenly in love. I questioned about the cheeky cut, but I soon realized there was nothing to worry about. I understand that some of you can feel uncomfortable showing some skin, but at the same time this wetsuit gives enough coverage not to reveal what should stay a mystery. Bikini wax needed, tough!

If the aesthetic level plays a strong role when buying a wetsuit, one of the most important aspects of a technical garment is its functionality. If a wetsuit or a surf bikini is not practical enough to make me enjoy my time in the water, I soon change model/brand and don't buy it any more.
So, the first thought I had while putting it on was "please don't show everything up!". But in the water I just loved how it was fitting like a second skin to me and, really, it doesn't matter how many wipe outs - it doesn't move at all. And this was a really important point to me.
I had some troubles putting it on at the beginning, due to the front zip, and struggled to roll it over my hips and butt (now we know where all those carbs went!). But over the time it became easier and now it fits like a glove.

As you could imagine, Atlantic waters here in France are chilly all year long. Apart from some months during the summer season, in which you can finally put away your full wetsuit, you need a thick neoprene protecting you.
So, if you love the Bombshell as much as I do but you don't live in a tropical island, you have to be prepared to the fact that you can only wear it for a short period of time. Or you can book a flight and spend the colder months somewhere with warm water and palmtrees. I totally approve the second option ;)

Another important point everyone should know about is that surfing with a short legs wetsuit, with a bikini or with everything that shows off your legs expose them to bruises and skin rashes, due to the friction with your board's wax. This happens with every kind of brand and model, so it is not to be included as part of this review. Anyways, I though you should consider it.
I decided it is a price I am willing to pay for surfing with my legs free from neoprene!!

Summing it all up:
PROS: sober and classic style, shows some skin but gives enough coverage, practical and stays in place, fits like a glove
CONS: the thin neoprene doesn't protect from the cold in chilly waters, a bit stiff to put on the first times

Overall I am a huge fan of this wetsuit and I am really hoping to be wearing it all summer long.

I hope this little review solved some of your doubts and made your choice of a summer wetsuit a bit easier.
Please let me know if you have questions or tips to share!

Thank you Rip Curl Europe for the amazing wetsuit!

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