Five tips for a healthy lifestyle while traveling

Thursday, August 6, 2015

If you remember, one of my New Years good resolutions was to embrace a healthier lifestyle. I'm not really a veggie fan, neither I am of the gym, but somehow I managed to stick with a few healthy routines that I found helped me feeling way better inside and out.
Now that it's time for some well deserved holidays, it can look difficult to keep on with our good habits. We feel like indulging more, having three courses meals + dessert with some friends, lying in the sand instead of moving... It's fine, I totally understand!
However, we put a big effort and achieved amazing results we don't want to waste them and start from zero again once back at home.

With these few tips, you'll keep a healthy lifestyle while having the time of your life. You'll feel great whether during a surf trip or a travel at the other side of the world!

Are you ready?

This is the number one rule even at home. Our body needs and consumes a lot of water, especially when traveling. We change weather temperature a lot and no need to spend a word about planes' AC! So, we need to keep in mind the importance of drinking (water) a lot. Before heading to your destination, make sure the water by the tap is safe there, otherwise bring a bottle of water in your purse wherever you go. Fruits are also a great source of hydration, since they naturally contain a lot of water. Some examples are watermelon, grapes, grapefruit and melon. And they're delicious too!

Local products are way better than imported ones. They often contain less pesticides and grow naturally on the land you're visiting, which means they are healthier taste better than the others! And this is a great chance to discover more about other culinary traditions and cultures. Traveling like a local, you'll get to know the real side of that place and this will bring you amazing memories too.

Whether it's a hike on a natural park or a run on the beach, keep moving! Don't let the laziness get you. Outdoor activities are a great way of keeping healthy while doing great experiences you'll be talking about once back home. If you're not a real adventure bug, try to stick with a simple routine everyday. You can do a 30 mins morning yoga on the beach and then jump in the sea for a swim. Or join an everyday dance class with local coaches. The most important thing is that this has not to be a sacrifice. It's your holidays and you need to do what you love and have fun!

Especially during long fights and after you've reached different time zones, you'll feel like you're body is not following the same rhythm as it did before. Listen to it! It often knows it better. Try to eat only when you're hungry and rest when you're tired. Don't force it to something different. Little by little it will find its balance again. Be kind with it and always follow your instinct.

Relaxing and taking advantage of your holidays are a great fuel for the whole working year. I am not regretting what I said before, but having a good time, lying in the sun and indulging a little never hurt anyone! We need to remember that a healthy lifestyle starts in our mind. If we do a lot of sports, but we're stressed-out we'll surely be fit but this doesn't mean healthy. The path towards our well being is made of some moving, a lot of laughter and so much fun enjoying life and the amazing places we're surrounded by.

Bon voyage!

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