Velvet waves

Friday, August 28, 2015
Last week a big swell hit the Basque coast. The day before was a perfect surf day: 5ft of smooth glassy slides. A fresh sea breeze preventing from sweating.
Then suddenly 11ft waves came. It torn apart the local spots, in a storm-like way but without any rain or clouds. It was impossible to surf.

It's unbelievable how things can unpredictably change from one day to another. It's the fortune/misfortune of living by the ocean. Surprise is always around the corner and it's up to you to embrace it and make a gift out of it.
I have to admit it's not always that easy. Sometimes I find myself swearing against the cold 15°C summer weather that seems enjoying making fun of us in the middle of the warmest season.
But it's ok, because you know that the sun will be shining again when you least expect it and soon will put a huge smile on your face :)

Now the waves are back to normal, better than ever. Yesterday I spent my afternoon taking pictures at the ocean just before the sunset. The sky was covered in clouds and the light was a bright white, giving the water all sorts of soft reflections.
What came out was a magical feeling. An ethereal aura surrounded me and covered everything in velvet, I can't even explain that. I could have stared at those colors and textures forever.

I came home recharged by all that bliss.
Today I want to share a piece of these emotions with all of you, knowing that the pictures have the power of showing what words most of the times cannot. I hope you enjoy them!


Credits // Photography: Marta Tomasini

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