Instagram accounts I love #2

Thursday, September 24, 2015
It's been a while since I did the first (and last) Instagram accounts I love post. I thought it would be the only one, but being on IG I keep on letting myself amaze everyday by new accounts I discover. They become quite a source of inspiration and it is always great to get to know someone else's stories through their pictures. I think Instagram is one of my favorite social networks so far!

That's why I thought it may be interesting to share again my latest fav accounts I enjoy scrolling through. And why not letting this become a more regular feature? ;)
As far as both of us (you and me) like it, I'm in!

This time I'll share three very different accounts from three very different women, the sea their common point.

Lena Sohm @lenasohm
Lena moved from Austria to Hossegor, France, and definitely let herself inspire by the ocean and the rough wildness of French western coast. At the moment she is European brand manager of Amuse Society, a rad brand made in France (I really suggest a visit to their e-shop). Her accounts mixes up fashion shoots with bits of her everyday life and the beauty of the ocean.

Daniela Garreton @danigarreton
Daniela is a talented artist with the sea in her heart. She was born in Santiago de Chile and in 2010 moved to San Sebastian, where she works on her marine subjects. I love her account because you can feel the passion she puts in her works, which I love. I wish I had her paintings hung all over my house!

Chrystal Dawn @thedawnchronicles
Photojournalist, surfer, and adventurer Chrystal Dawn was raised in the Hawaiian Islands and now lives in Byron Bay, Australia. She is a nature lover and shares her never-ending travel journey on her blog. I often loose myself through her pictures and dream about chasing the next adventure. Her account is a great escape to your everyday routine or Monday blues.

I hope you enjoyed this insight in these Instagram accounts I love. I can't wait to discover more and more inspiring ones everyday!

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See you there!

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