Marche Aquatique // A different morning routine

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
When Xavier asked me to attend his Marche Aquatique class I didn't really know what to expect. He had planned some different activities for our morning, which included beach games for warming up, jogging "in the water", relax and detox juices. Ok, I admit that the last two points played a big role in my decision to go to the class ;)
But curiosity won me over, so I was in. Ready for a different morning routine!

We met with the other girls at around 10 am on the main beach of Saint Jean de Luz, a charming village in the southern part of French Basque coast, which once was an anglers’ village. We had been blessed with a warm sun shining above us, the landscape surrounding us just magic. We were ready to work out!
You probably know how I dislike working out. Really, sweating is just not my thing. But Xavier had planned some really fun team activities and I definitely forgot about it.

After half an hour on the beach it was time to finally get in the water!!! This was my favorite moment :) We had a real jogging in chest-high water and god it was hard! But when some small shore breaking waves begun hitting on us we all started to play like kids. I don't even know how many liters of water I swallowed for so much laughing!!!!

After other team challenges, such as playing lifeguards rescue, it was time of passing to the activities I was craving the most for: relax and detox juices! Xavier teamed up with Emilie from The Nourishing Box (you don't want to miss her website here and get to know more about her vegetarian cuisine) and offered us a variety of detox smoothies for every taste! They were all oh so delicious!!! My favorite one was the pink smoothie: a mix of strawberries and other exotic fruits and berries whose names I forgot! And it was so pretty too ;)

Suddenly we all realized the time had flown by. I've never had so much fun working out before! This experience definitely changed the way I was looking at it. I had such a great time and all the other girls were so nice!
The same evening my legs were hurting so much, to prove how my body worked during Xavier's class :)
I hope I'll have the chance to do it again. And if there are some of you out there who live in the area, I definitely suggest you try the Marche Aquatique.

You can find more info about Xavier's classes on Marche Aquatique's website here as well as on its facebook page.

Have you ever attended some non-conventional workout classes? I can't wait to hear your experiences!!

Ps: all the pictures are by the talented photographer Guillame Arrieta. He followed us on our activities on the beach and in the water! You can check his website here :)
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