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Saturday, September 19, 2015
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I took some days off to go see my family in Italy about ten days ago. Even if I had to pass a University test (the last one, yaaay!!!) and the stress was there, I spent some beautiful moments with my beloved ones. I also had the chance to spend some time with my lovely nephews, one of whom I hadn't seen before since he's just two months old!

During the weekend, I went with my parents to our family seaside house and it was a blast! I treasure wonderful memories of all the summers of my childhood there and I had the chance to meet with some old dear friends of mine too. A jump in the past!
I spent the whole weekend reading by the pool and swimming under the September sun. What else could I ask for?

One thing living by the ocean and the beach taught me is that you should never trust the weakest sun. I won't tell you the whole story about the risks of sun exposure (I've already done that here) and I know you mermaids out there are well aware of the dangers for your skin without a proper screen.
And since sun protection is essential and a must-have in our bag even during the off season, I wanted to focus on the importance of a good quality sunscreen. One that can protect both us and the environment we're surrounded by.

Today I partner with EQ // Evoa to tell you more about an eco-friendly way to protect yourself and prevent skin issues, while respecting the nature.

Corals live in harmony with micro-algae (zooxanthellae) housed in their tissues.
Did you know that some UV filters found in sunscreens activate viruses that multiply and kill these valuable micro-algae? Well, corals then whiten and die within 48 hours.
"When applied on skin, the chemical filters contained in most sunscreens are spread in the water and are highly polluting for the aquatic environment"
And what about the parabens, preservatives, sulfates and all the other chemicals used in cosmetics? I am not an expert, but it is known that they can be dangerous for our own health if used for a long period.

EQ wanted to say no to all of this and started its own eco-friendly and bio line of sunscreen, Evoa.
The brand created a unique formula, rich in bio vegetable oils, with antioxidant, nourishing and regenerating properties. It is 100% natural and uses mineral filters.

The sunscreen I am using is spf 30, a high protection formula which exploits the properties of these four active ingredients: nyamplung bio oil, karite bio butter, bees wax and sunflower bio oil.

The only little price we have to pay for a natural sun protection is a fine white effect on the skin. Organic sunscreens, due to their ingredients and formulas, may be particularly opaque sometimes, leaving a whitening effect on the skin due to the mineral fillers used as sunscreen agents.

Overall I am pretty happy with my choice and I'll try to use more and more natural products in my everyday routine. You can also check my previous post about natural argan oil, if you feel like ;)

I hope you want to give natural cosmetics a try and you won't stop protecting your skin from sun rays even when the sun can't be seen (but is still there).

You can learn more about EQ // Evoa here

Have a wonderful weekend!

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