Fall vibes + a recipe

Monday, October 26, 2015
Last couple of days felt like the first real weekend of fall. Cloudy sky, little sea-breeze, sleepy mood... The waves were good but not amazing, so after surfing Andrea and I spent our time just being lazy at home. We changed the duvet into a warmer one and it just seemed that summer was far back already.
It's kinda sad to say goodbye to my favorite season, but it was good to embrace fall and feeling that sort of coziness you can only have from now on.

One morning we decided to tide up a little our groceries and spices home storage and the house was suddenly filled with the tasty aroma of the Calabrian oregano coming from Italy.
Its taste, color and smell all around us definitely made me feel like fall was finally there!

And since the fall vibe was already there, I decided to stay in the mood and prepare a healthy and cozy soup for dinner. It was too tasty to be true! Normally it takes me at least a couple of tests before finding the right recipe, but this time it was good at the first try and the soup was delicious! (Andrea confirms that)

So I decided to share the recipe here with you to celebrate the happening (eheh) and give you a yummy idea to eat your veggies during these moody fall days. It has a little oriental feeling that you are going to love :)

Ingredients (serve 4 people):
5 carrots
2 potatoes
1 vegetable stock cube
200 ml coconut milk
2 glasses of water
3 tbs curry
1 tbs cumin
1-2 tbs salt

Cook the carrots and the potatoes in boiling water with a vegetable stock cube until they soften.
Drain vegetables and blend them (I used an immersion blender) with water and coconut milk.
Add your spices and salt little by little, adjusting depending on how you like it.
If your soup is too thick you can add some more water until you find the right texture.
Put your soup in a pot to warm over medium heat and serve hot.

I hope you like it! It is very simple, but the spices gives it that little touch that will make your tastebuds happy! :)
Let me know if you try it! I can't wait to hear from you!


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