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Thursday, November 12, 2015
When the girls at Seadom Beachwear asked me if I could answer some questions about me and Surfragette for their blog, I was so stoked! Sometimes I have some difficulties opening myself to my readers all over the world, especially while sharing some of my experiences and fears about surfing and life in general. But I like when an interview can turn into a tool for exploring myself more and opening to people in a different and most honest way.

So, today I selected a few questions and answers I liked the most of Seadom interview. I hope you'll get to know more about myself and this little blog of mine. If you are interested, you can read the whole interview here.

Tell us about your relationship with the ocean.

I’ve never been a mermaid. Really, I’ve always enjoyed being in the water, but somehow I was scared too. I used to spend all my childhood and my teen age at my parents’ seaside house by the Mediterranean Sea. I loved it there (and I still do, every time I’m on visit)! Yet my relationship with the sea was always the love/hate kind.

Until I learned how to surf. It happened during a travel in Morocco and I completely fell in love! When I came back home, I kept on with this new passion of mine. I didn’t even imagine it was possible to surf in Italy! Little by little, I was able to face some of my fears and here I am now, following my dream to be living by the ocean. The ocean and I are still getting to know and respect each other, but most importantly, we are sharing some beautiful memories together. It has now become my happy place. I can completely be myself when I’m out there. I like the way the ocean can test you sometimes and judge your real intentions. It can change every time and you have to be prepared to face all its different moods – it is the metaphor of life.

What is your primary goal for the blog?

I think that the primary goal for Surfragette is to let other people know that you don’t need to be Alana Blanchard or have model features to be a kick-ass surfer. As long as you’re true to yourself and you have a good time in the water, you can be the best surfer in the world! I also like to share my fears, because opening up and being honest to other people will let them feel less lonely in this journey. Surfing is tough and can make us face some hard challenges sometimes. But this is what will make us stronger!

So, the idea behind the blog is to kick off most of the surfer-girl stereotypes that make people have a distorted idea of what female surfing is about.
I also love sharing about travels and other people experiences. We don’t have all the same relationship with the ocean and this amazing practice, so it’s good to get to know more about others’ stories.

In your blog, you mention some difficulty competing for waves against the boys. Any advice you can pass along?

Yes, I had some hard moments at the beginning to make people respect the fact that a girl (with a pink wetsuit) could actually catch the waves and surf in the same lineup as the guys. This pushed me to improve more and more and in the end I succeeded in winning my place in the lineup.

Some time ago I heard a fellow blogger telling that the guys should leave us some more waves in order to let us surf more. I completely disagree! We don’t need them to pity us. We should instead get the motivation from it and earn the respect we deserve in the water. Not because we are girls, but because we are good surfers!

The itw continues on dealing with other interesting topics such us my inspirations and dreams, the origins of Surfragette, my favorite post-surf meal and words of wisdom to pass along... You can read it on Seadom Beachwear's website or you can click here.

Thank you Seadom Beachwear and all of you guys for letting me share some bits of my life with you today! :)

Credits // Author: Seadom Beachwear. Photography: Axel Piperno

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