12 reasons to go surfing in winter

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Let's face it: we are waaay past the warm season and that biting sea breeze of the morning is now following us through the day, every day more.
For many of us the coming of the winter means a threat to our surfing practice, to our long hours in the water and our legless wetsuit surf... We change ourselves in cold pavement parking lots, the pouring rain hitting our face, and we can't even feel our big toes...
But we are too passionate and too tenacious to give up. The answer is in finding the right motivation and embracing the coldest season with a smile.

So, today I wrote down a list of reasons to motivate us on why we should go surfing in winter :)

1. Because surfing is sooo goood. (Yeah, this was an easy one)

2. The line-up will be way emptier than during the warmer season. No more surf schools, beginners with soft-top boards and tourists all around. These months can offer you (almost) desert line-ups and some me-time in the water. Friends are allowed!

3. Nowadays, with a good wetsuit you'll be able to enjoy the surf without dying for hypothermia! It will cost you a little more, but it will be worth every cents. You'll be able to surf a little longer and sometimes you will even feel better in the water than outside!

4. Next summer you'll have improved a lot! You will be able to surf and have fun in super crowded line-ups. (and be the best one in your group!)

5. It's no secret that the best swells hit during the colder months. Plus there will be less people enjoying those amazing waves (see number 2). So, if you want to get better, go get ready and wax your board!

6. Let's face it: it’s not as cold as you may think! Not every single day will be freezing cold and some days will be even sunny and bright :) It's up to you to turn these days into surf days!

7. You will be in shape all year long. Surfing in cold water will make you burn way more calories than your average routine at the gym. And you can say goodbye to radical diet plans just before the bikini season!

8. If you're looking for your better half in the surf scene, winter surfing can help you on that. Being one of a very few female surfers in the line-up will make you definitely stand out. And if you're lucky you will be sharing a coup of tea with the hottest of the bunch after the session (always bring a thermos)!

9. You'll have that healthy surfing tan all year long without visiting the beauty saloon! The sun is shining even behind the clouds, so make sure you'll use a proper sunscreen every day (you can see some suggestions here).

10. The usual landscapes will turn into something stunning and remote in winter, especially if you look at them from the water. You don't want to miss that magic.

11. Surfing in winter is more satisfying. When you just ended your surf session, a cup of hot chocolate in hand, and rethink about your time out there facing the cold, you will be smiling and feeling in peace with the world.

12. Being just a few motivated people in the water, sharing the same struggles and joys, is what can make us break down boundaries. Cold surfing is the best way to make friends and create life-long bonds.

Have I convinced you in giving cold surfing a try? You won't be disappointed, I swear ;)
Meanwhile, you can check here for some more practical tips that will make you get the most of your winter surfing! I hope they will be helpful :)

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