Sørensen watches + a giveaway!

Monday, December 7, 2015
Omg, when Sørensen contacted me for collaborating together I was beyond excited!!! First of all, I like to partner with new brands because it's so inspiring and motivating and it's just #goodvibes all over. Then, I was so happy to finally find a brand of watches for surfers that wasn't "just for surfers".

Let me explain better. The dawn patrol is amazing this morning, but you have just one short hour before that important business meeting you prepared for the last few weeks. You put on your water resistant rubber watch and go for a quick sesh. You get a shower, wear your smart office suit and then head to work. With your rubber watch still on!!!
Now you get it.

Sørensen developed a surf watch with a smart casual style, so you can wear it and just forget about it, whatever the situation. You would think it is such a simple idea, but no one ever thought about it before! And that's why I found it awesome!

Rasmus, the Danish mind behind Sørensen, explained it was so difficult for him to find a watch he could wear for all occasions - "from a surfing adventure to an exclusive bar", always looking sharp and stylish. So, he decided to create his own brand of watches with this concept in mind. And, honestly, I love it!
I was a little worried because you know, wearing a wet watch band under a suit or a shirt is not that comfortable. But the wristband is made of nylon and dries very quickly! You can see all Sørensen products features on the website.

But now I want to finally introduce you to the HUGE surprise I was recently talking about on facebook and instagram. 
A Christmas GIVEAWAY for you!!!!!
Yes, today Sørensen and Surfragette want to give you the chance to win this amazing Sørensen watch you see in the picture below.

It is 120,00 euros worth!!!!!!
And we are giving it to one of you!!!!

To win this amazing watch is simple:

1. go on Instagram and follow @surfragette and @soerensen_cph
2. repost the picture above tagging @surfragette and @soerensen_cph and adding the hashtag #surfragettegiveaway

Easy, right?
The giveaway will end on Tuesday the 15th and the lucky winner will be announced and contacted shortly after. Just in time to receive a Christmas present from Surfragette and Sørensen!!!!!

I'm so excited! Good luck guys!!! :)

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