Happy New Year! (+ a freebie)

Friday, January 1, 2016
I cannot believe another year just passed by!
It seems like yesterday the January sessions and the frozen feet in the sand... And the morning walks on the beach under the summer sun, wondering about the future...

Time flew by so fast! Like everyone, I had some good and some bad moments, a crazy unpredictable roller coaster! But 2015 taught me how to appreciate life even when things aren't going the way I expect.

When I feel a little down, I stop and look at the waves. I look at the sun setting behind the horizon, the dogs playing on the shore and the surfers waiting for the last set of the day...
I think about all of your messages, emails and kind words and feel your support. And even if I don't personally know each one of you, I know we are connected in that sort of way only surfers can be.
Then I smile and feel grateful for all of this!

Like every year, I try to look ahead and write a list of good resolutions for the upcoming months. A few points I already know I will struggle to stick to. But a good start is already half the job done, right? ;)
Here you can see my top ten good resolutions for 2016 (and bet on which one I will be able to stick to!)

If you like this check list, today I am offering to you a totally customizable one, like mine. You can download it FOR FREE, print it and edit it with your New Year's good resolutions!

A new dawn is ahead of us and new opportunities are just around the corner. I am thrilled and excited for the next challenges and I hope I'll be sharing my new adventures with you!

I wish you an amazing 2016 and I hope this new year will make all your dreams come true!


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