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Friday, January 8, 2016
Hi there! This is the moment for the good resolutions of the year, for the hours spent thinking about how the next 360-something days will be and the billions of ideas you already know you won't be able to carry out... And then you think of all the good acts you should do for yourself and the others around you, all the things you have always had in mind but never did.

This is how I feel at the beginning of this 2016. And I wasn't sure I would have been able to do something like that until yesterday. Yes, last night Andrea and I went to a French movie called Demain (you can watch the teaser here). Basically it is a documentary about all the people who are making efforts and investing themselves into small-turned-big projects for their communities and the whole planet in general.
In an era where humans are destroying every natural being around them, there are some people, a lot of people, and business owners who are trying really hard to turn things the other way around.

Last year I've been thinking a lot about ecology and how we can all do little things everyday to make this world a better place, or at least a less polluted one. As a surfer, some days I've been forbidden to get in the water for pollution! I thought, how crazy is that??! And I realized it's our own fault. We have the responsibility to do something if we want to keep doing what we love. Starting from buying biodegradable detergents for the house to low down the heating, I learnt it is not that hard as I thought it would be.

In the last few month I went to Italy three times and each time I got ill. My family lives in a city in the North where it's not been raining since September and the pollution level raised quickly. Every time I got a bad sore throat, sometimes with a little temperature too. And I understood there's something wrong in all of this. People are destroying themselves without realizing that.

So, this year I would like to do something. I am not saying I will try to save the world, I am not superwoman, nor am I God. BUT I'd still want to do something meaningful and I'd love to share this with you.
That's why I decided to start a program here on the blog to help other people be more environmentally-friendly in their everyday life. I will be sharing tips we can be able to put into practice without being radical in our choices or transforming our flat mates' lives into eco-nightmares!!!

What do you think about that? Are you ready to start this journey with me?
I really hope so.

*DISCLAIMER: I am not an ecologist, a vegetarian or a flower child, but I still want to try to discover the pleasures of doing something good for this planet of ours (and doing it WITHOUT judging others).

2 comments on "Start a new journey"
  1. What a good piece as it provokes thought
    I concur that we as a species tend to conquer the land with continuous building upon rather than allowing the land to simply blossom.

    Keep writing and keep surfing, as I will too
    ~ Mahalo

    1. Hi! I sadly agree with you. That being said, it doesn't mean we can't do something good every day to turn things the other way around :) I believe we can!

      Best waves to you :)


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