DIY // Turn an old wetsuit into a tablet cover

Friday, February 5, 2016

Hi everyone! I am so excited today to be sharing with you this easy peasy surf-inspired DIY!
As Saint Valentines is approaching, some of you may be thinking about the best gift for the special surfer in their lives. And when we talk about unique presents, I am all about handmade! Just because simply the idea of making yourself something with a particular person in mind, makes it even more special :)

So, today we are turning an old wetsuit into a tablet cover! This is a unisex gift, so if you want to make one for yourself it's more than fine ;)

If you've been surfing for a little while now, you surely have an old or damaged wetsuit hanging around in your house. You don't use it anymore, but you don't like the idea of throwing it away. So, what should you do?

I'd say turn it into something cute you want to use everyday!

Today we learn how to make a tablet cover from old neoprene wetsuit. Here we go!

What you need:
old or damaged wetsuit
knitting yarn in your favorite color
measuring tape
leather hole punch (if you don't have it, you can also use a metal nail)

1) With the chalk trace the shape of your tablet on the neoprene, making sure you leave 3 cm from each of the shortest sides and 1 cm from each of the longest sides.

2) Cut three sides out and leave one of the longest sides. Then fold it on the neoprene and trace the outline of the shape you just cut.

3) Cut the other three sides you just obtained and fold the whole piece of neoprene in two. Then measure the shorter sides' length. Mine measured 20 cm.

4) Divide your four shortest sides into equal parts. Since mine measured 20 cm, I decided to divide them into ten parts of 2 cm each. On every part trace a 1,5 cm line as you see in the picture. Then, with a leather hole punch make some holes at the top of these lines. If you don't have a leather hole punch, you can easily do with a normal metal nail.

5) Fold the neoprene in two and pull the knitting yarn though the first two bottom holes. Secure the yarn with a couple of knots.

6) With the help of a crochet start "sawing" through the neoprene, closing together the shortest sides like in the picture. As you can see, I did back and forth with the yarn so the effect is really like sawing stitches. If you want, you can cut off the extra pieces of yarn and glue the four knots with a multipurpose glue to secure them.

And taaah daaaah!!!! Your neoprene tablet cover is done!

I love it :) I think it's unique and can fit any style, even if you're not a surfer. It's a great way to protect your tablet, especially when carrying it around in a backpack.

I hope you liked this fun way to reuse an old wetsuit as much as I did!
Don't hesitate to share your project here, if you decide to do it, and please contact me if you have further questions :)


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