Why being a surf couple rocks

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Let's say it, not everyone loves clichés. So when I thought about writing an article for Saint Valentine's day I was worried that some of you could roll their eyes at another article about love and so.
But then I realized that I actually love clichés, most of all when they're meant to remember us what we should celebrate everyday.

So today I decided to dedicate everything to love. And, single or not, we must admit there's not such a feeling like being in love. And if we can mix together the best feeling in the world with the best passion ever, life seems quite perfect.

After Why you should date a man who surfs I want to add some points to the list and share with you some reasons why being a surf couple rocks.

You will keep an eye on each other
Yes, in some situations you really wish you have someone who would look after you in the water  if a bigger set catches you or if you need some surf advice. A boyfriend (or a girlfriend) will never take his(her) eyes off of you every time you paddle for a wave or you're struggling. Simply because he(she) cares too much about you to let you drawn ;)

The stoke is double
Whether you caught the best one of the day, or simply had so much fun in the water, you have someone who will never get tired of listening to your surf stories. And when the passion is shared the stoke is double!

You read the same surf magazines
Optimizing the subscription to your fav surf magazines can make you save a lot of money. Then you have more to spend in surf gear!!! :) 

Going out is not a priority
After a good surf session you're most likely exhausted. So when you refuse to go out with your better half on a Saturday night he(she) will totally understand. Surf movie nights under the duvet can be sexy too!

They will think you're badass
Being a surfing couple in a completely non-surf environment, people will look at you as some badass couple doing a badass sport they had just seen in movies. This is actually pretty cool (you won't tell them you like chest-high waves most of all)!

If you want to check all the other reasons to date a surfer, you can read Why you should date a man who surfs.

Do you have other points to add to this list?
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWqGk0P6WgI

    Single & not sharing the stoke! Enjoy...


    1. I LOVE it!!! Brilliant :) Thanks for sharing <3
      - Marta


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