Photo diary // Biarritz off-season

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I'm so happy to finally say that in between moody moments, the sun is really starting to bless us with its warmth and good vibes recently :) I've been spending the days outdoor just to soak up all as much sun as possible, something that is able to put a big smile on my face!

With the good season we start seeing crowds of tourists coming here spending their weekends and holidays on the Basque Coast. Who can blame them! The swells have been consistent so far and the weather so lovely.
Anyway, this is the time of the year when you start hearing foreign languages in the lineup and on the streets. Which is kind of exciting on one side, a little scary on the other. If it's good to see Biarritz area finally blossoming again, we're well aware that the calm and ease that distinguish our lifestyle here will be over soon for a few months.

That's why I would like to celebrate Biarritz off-season with a series of images I took the last couple of months. The uncrowded side of this coastal town I so love.

I love high season as well and the thrill that go with it, don't get me wrong! And I like meeting people that I haven't been seing for the whole winter and having apero outside watching the sunset over the ocean... But Biarritz in the off-season has a kind of romantic subtle vibe I want to share with all of you here.

I hope you enjoy the pics and can come visit soon!

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