Instagram accounts I love #3

Monday, April 11, 2016

Here we are with another Instagram accounts I love post! Sometimes I find myself getting lost in the million of images I see scrolling on my phone's screen. I must say I love these moments. All the colorful images showing off different lives, places, stories... Such sources of inspirations!

For this new issue of Instagram accounts I love, I chose three very different accounts, that still tell us about their same passion for the ocean.

Marie-Laure Daillut @le_monde_est_a_nous
Marie-Laure is a French art director, a mum a wife and the creative soul behind the blog Le Monde est à Nous. Her aesthetic, her boho vibe, her laid-back-yet-chic attitude are a pleasure for the eye. I really suggest you visit her account and get charmed by her bohemian lifestyle on the French coast.

Lex Weinstein @lexweinstein_
Lex calles herself an "Artist, Stylist, Ambassador of the senses"... and I couldn't not agree more! Her account speaks for her adventures around the globe, immersed in nature and always inspired by the ocean. Her modern gipsy lifestyle is captured on her beautiful pics and recorded in her blog. They definitely makes you want to leave your life to join her!

Alice Bel Air @_rialeb
Another Frenchie with a deep passion for the ocean, Alice is a photographer and a graphic designer. Her minimalism and artistic point of view are reflected in her images and tell us of the ocean and the coastal lifestyle in such a urban yet sophisticated way. I can't get enough of her photos!

I hope you enjoyed my Instagram accounts choices and I really can't wait to discover more and more pearls to share with you here!

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