Post-workout Mixed Nuts Bar

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hi there! During the past months I've been trying to follow a healthier lifestyle, which means a lot of workout and healthy meals. But after so much surfing and exercising, I always find hard not to put my hands on anything edible and possibly sweet (guilty face)! Then I have a boyfriend who craves chocolate every time of the day....

That's why I asked my friends at the evening glow to share with us a yummy yet nourishing and easy-to-make snack to eat right after sport or any other outdoor activities.
Their blog is filled with delicious recipes and inspiring travel stories and is definitely a great match for Surfragette's vibes. I could'n not fall in love! :)
I can't wait to try their recipe out!

Hello everyone! It’s JuliĆ«tte from the blog the evening glow. Today I am here over at Surfragette to share one of my favourite post workout recipes: a mixed nuts and dates bar.
I always make this and keep a batch in my freezer. It’s very easy to make and it’s honestly much cheaper than the ones you find in the shops. 

Just like Marta, Roberto (my boyfriend, with whom I write the evening glow) and I love being outside. While she’s surfing in Biarritz, we can often be found longboarding around Leiden, the small city in the Netherlands where we live. Roberto loves to go climbing or bouldering and often takes one of these bars with him as a post workout pick-me-up.
We also love to travel and go on long road trips. This snack will be perfect to bring with you with some fruit on your travels. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe and we hope to see you over at the evening glow.

Mixed Nuts Bar
Makes about twelve.

250 g mixed nuts (cashew and almond, for example), unsalted
250 g medjool dates, unpitted
one tablespoon coconut oil, optional 

In a food processor, mix nuts roughly (or to a more powdery consistency for more of a cookie dough taste).
Add dates and coconut oil and mix until a doughy ball forms.
Place dough on a lined baking tin and spread evenly until 2 cm thick. 
Place in the freezer and take out just before going for a surf/climb/run.
Cut in twelve even pieces. Wrap them individually in parchment paper to take with you.

You can also vary a lot with this recipe: you can add other dried fruit to the dates (apricots or raisins, for example) or try with different kinds of nuts.


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