Celebrating Cinco de Mayo // Elvia Carrillo Puerto

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!! Well, I never celebrated it, but when my friend Patricia from Costa Bikinis asked me to share with us her favorite female role model in order to honor this Mexican holiday, I couldn't wait to learn more about that!

I must say that it played a major role the fact that this amazing woman was one of the leading characters of the suffragettes movement in Mexico. And this very own blog took its name from this movement.
Needless to say, Surfragette is all about inspiring and get inspired by role models and everyday stories.

Patricia tells us more :)

"I was reading about Cinco de Mayo a few days ago, and then found myself 2 days immerse in the Mexican history writing and editing a piece for my blog (www.worldwidetravelog.com) about Mexican women who changed the history of the country.

One of these brilliant women made me think about Marta and her unique blog. I would love to share with you this beautiful story and celebrate the life of a fighter Elvia Carrillo Puerto who worked hard for the feminine Mexican suffragette.

Elvia (1878 – 1967) was a Mexican feminist activist. She started Ligas feministas (feminist leagues) focused on tasks to promote and talk about such matters as women's rights and suffrage. She learnt how to speak Mayan to help the community better and organize all women in one league. She helped to improve Mayan female community conditions and quality of life.

She had the courage to speak loud about prostitution, birth control, drugs and alcohol. Her brother and governor Felipe Carrillo Puerto helped with the cause and permitted women the right to vote, not just that, they could hold office too. After this, she was elected in 1923 to the Yucat√°n legislature. She made history once again, she became Mexico's first female member of state legislature.

I love her story especially because she tried to organize all women in Mexico in order to fight for our rights! No competition between us, becoming one we can help each other better. That's exactly what we need to do every day, stop seeing others women  and girls like competition, we are working for the same things!"

Couldn't agree more!
Thank you Patricia for sharing Elvia's inspiring story.

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