Island vibes // Fuerteventura

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
We are leaving!!!!!!! Well, not right now and not for a long time. One week holiday seems fair enough after so much time. So, when Planet Surf Camps asked me to go visit their surf house in Fuerteventura I was so excited!

After checking our schedules and planning some days off, we are finally leaving in less than two weeks!!! It'll be one week of warm sun, surf, cocktails on the beach or around the pool of the surf house and, of course, a lot of roadtripping around that beautiful island.

Today I'm mentally prepping myself to what we'll be going to do, the places we'll be going to visit, the spot we'll be going to surf... Day-dreaming actually! I want to soak it all in!
I've selected a few pics of places and spots I definitely don't want to miss!!!

Do you have any suggestions of things to do and must-see favorites?

Swimming in crystal clear water in isla de Lobos, north of Fuerteventura

Getting lost in Fuerteventura's pathways

Surfing in El Cotillo's shores

Visiting las Dunas in Corralejo

Living the nightlife in Corralejo

2 comments on "Island vibes // Fuerteventura"
  1. Looks great. So, that is something like a small town or village? There are only few pics.

  2. Really good to see these pictures. have you shoot by you phone or high quality camera?


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