Fuerteventura travel diary // Part 2

Wednesday, June 8, 2016
I can't believe it's already 10 days we're back from our trip! I still look again and again at these pictures and feel a bit sad to be back at our everyday life, even though summer is already smiling at us :)
We didn't imagine we'd have lived so many adventures in Fuerteventura! It wasn't just a surf trip, since we tried to make the most of our time on the island and visit as much places as possible.

We ended up in desert beaches with crystal-clear water on the North Shore. We had the best food in the dreamy Lobos Island. We found ourselves making friends with a crazy hippie penal attorney in his restaurant at the end of the world, where there wasn't even phone signal!
We roadtripped without gps, getting lost in rocky desert roads, wondering if our car had enough fuel to get back...

It was a great adventure! I miss it a lot already :) But in a kind of way I'm happy to be home, still looking at these pictures, already planning the next trip!

I hope you guys love them and I'll be posting soon a detailed guide for the ones who'd love to visit this beautiful island, but don't know where to start yet ;)

Breakfast at Villa K, our guesthouse for the week
Nice tea of the morning at Villa K
On the roof terrace of our guesthouse
New friends and dinner party at Villa K
The cacti garden in the backyard
Nice relaxing moments in our guesthouse's swimmingpool

4 comments on "Fuerteventura travel diary // Part 2"
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  2. Now I am jealous a little. I wish I could have some rest for now too. Just kidding, I am glad you're having a good time)

  3. Amazing picture, nice location and excellent articles.Thanks for shearing this blog

  4. You had such an amazing journey! Thanks for sharing your travel experience! Fuerteventura is so STUNNING! Lots of things to do, beautiful beaches to discover, tasty food to eat... I hope to spend my next vacation there :) Personally for me healthy lifestyle and traveling are the best things for investing your time and money.


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