Infused water three ways

Saturday, June 25, 2016
Recently the weather has been crazy. We shifted from 17°C to 34°C in just a few days! We weren't really ready for that, but still we managed to enjoy the warm and sunny weather, being in the water as much as possible and having apéro watching the sunset...

When it's so hot, two of the most important things to do are getting in the water and hydrate. But I'm not really used to drink so much water during the day (my bad!). So, I decided to make infused water! It is so good and makes your drinking routine easier and waaay better!

Today I will share three yummy infused water recipes I tried these past days to fight the hot weather. They're so easy to make and I'm sure you'll get addicted soon!

Making infused water is so easy. First of all you choose a cute reusable bottle, like My Bottle. It is eco-friendly, because it helps reduce plastic bottles pollution, and it is made of Tritan, a material that doesn't contain harmful substances. Then it resists from -40°C up to 100°C, which makes it great for winter coffee too ;)

Next thing you choose your favorite fruit combination and put everything in your bottle. Fill in with water and store in fridge for one night.
Your infused water is ready!

Enjoy cold and drink it within a couple of days.
I selected three combinations for you to try. They are definitely my favorites :)

Put one cup of chopped fresh watermelon (without rind and seeds) into your bottle and add around 10 leaves of muddled basil. Fill in with water and store in fridge for at least for hours. Basil's taste balances watermelon's sweetness in this refreshing infusion.

Wash and slice from 5 to 7 strawberries (depending on their size). Put them into your reusable bottle and add around 7 leaves of fresh mint and half sliced lemon (remember to wash it before). Fill in with water and store in fridge. This infusion is great for the hottest days of summer. It is really refreshing and will relieve your thirst under the sun.

Put one washed and sliced peach into your bottle and fill 3/4 of your bottle of coconut water. Fill in the 1/4 of bottle with water. Sprinkle some dried coconut powder if you like (optional) and enjoy after a night infusion. This combination is perfect for the sweet tooth ones like me!

I hope you enjoyed this easy and refreshing recipes! I'm already addicted to infused water and I'm sure summer will be so delicious!
Go find your perfect reusable bottle and have fun with fruits and infusion! :)

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  1. The lid has a perforated disc that keeps the fruit from going into my mouth. The longer the fruit is in the water the more flavorful it gets, infuser

  2. Thank you for sharing the wonderful tips about this water I have never heard anything before about this water. Great work you have done. THANKS


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